• au where hidan is a mermaid/someone who ate mermaid’s flesh and kakuzu is a harionago (basically ghost w/sharp hair)

  • Anonymous: you make me fall in love with kakuhida more and more every time i see your posts


    THANK YOU ANON ;-; I’m glad you like my heap of au trash 

  • in case anyone was wondering what i was doing lately

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  • Anonymous: What are your thoughts on a huge fight going down with kakuzu dying and hidan hastily cutting out his own heart to save him?

    points to phobia chapter 9 (tho it’s not quite the same thing)

    is this for femkakuzuhidans or regular kakuhidans EITHER ONE IS FUN AND FANTASTIC bc my favourite hidan is one who’s wracked with panic, desperation and fear and my favourite kakuzu is one who is unconscious and or bound and bleedy 

  • ok i am in dire need of hidanxfemkakuzu fic/drabbles/prompts/scenarios/anything ask box me I MIGHT DRAW IT….

    or lesbian zonbi conbis either one is fun

  • Anonymous: Can we please talk about how cute pein' s smile was when he was talking to kakuzu?

    it was both terrifying and beautiful (tho i stared at kakuzu more weeps)

    pein should smile more. he’s so polite!

  • 100000% chance of being a pro bender one day this incarnation of him might actually have a sense of humor!